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The ĘGIS Microbe Shield can help in the control of antimicrobials including Bacteria, Virus, Mold, Fungus, Algae and Yeast, for a comprehensive list please - click here

The ĘGIS Microbe Shield® trademark stands for over 25 years of superior technical performance in medical goods, consumer products, and indoor environments. Universally recognized as the best antimicrobial of choice for a variety of uses, it has been accepted by regulatory bodies globally*. Most importantly, it has been embraced by consumers the world over in products stocked in leading retailers and by hospitals, hotels and many other types of organisations.

Consumer Confidence

In addition to building surfaces the ĘGIS Microbe Shield technology can be found on a wide range of consumer products from baby diapers, socks and athletic equipment, to cutting edge applications such as surgical drapes and clean room clothing where even the slightest risk of contamination is unacceptable.

Consumers look to the ĘGIS Microbe Shield trademark as the solution to their microbial problems. Among odor controlling antimicrobials, the ĘGIS trademark is one of the most highly recognized in the United States, Europe, India, and South East Asia.


Cutting Edge Technology

The use of the ĘGIS Microbe Shield not only provides a unique feature to your product, it also creates new pathways in marketing and sales through press releases, product reviews, and consumer education programs. The ĘGIS Microbe Shield trademark further emphasizes the high-tech nature of your product and sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

A product labeled with the ĘGIS Microbe Shield trademark shows consumers that not only are you using an antimicrobial, but that you are using the most advanced antimicrobial on the market today. Contact us for more information on sales and marketing benefits as well as the qualification requirements of the ĘGIS Microbe Shield Program.

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