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New Partners in ÆGIS Microbe Shield Technology

Telaco - Saudi Arabia

We are delighted to announce that our latest partner to The Program is Telaco who are planning to utilise the ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology across a wide range of applications including Hospitals & Laboratories, Toilets & Bathrooms, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Restaurants & Kitchens, Sports Facilities & Gymnasiums, Vehicles/Ambulances/Buses/Aircraft, Medical Equipment, Electronic Equipment and Touch Screens & Keyboards.

Pictured here is Jerri Smith (AntiMicrobial Environments International - Marketing Director) meeting with Aziz Bouhligah (Managing Director of Telaco, Dammam. Saudi Arabia.) recently in London.

Jerri is quoted as saying "We welcome Telaco to The International Program and look forward to some exciting developments in the region".

Izinova d.o.o.

Izinova are based in Bled, Slovenia.

They are our Program partners in Slovenia and Serbia. They also work across Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

To date they have been very active in treating Health related establishments such as Clinics, Physiotherapies, Elderly homes, Schools, Wardrobes, Public Toilets, Fitness Centers and even Wine Cellars and City Buses!

One of their customers Simed Health Limited has reported the following:-

""In our Clinic we had a big problem with infections. But after antimicrobial treatment done in May 2012, there was not a single one."
Ales Leskovsek, MD. Spec. Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery - (Statement from August 2014).

For more information about Izinova see - http://www.bioshield.si/

Oxylitre Limited

Oxylitre is based in Manchester in the UK.

Oxylitre's range of Oxygen, Suction and Entonox equipment brings to the Healthcare market a unique combination of precision and performance together with cost-effective proven technology.

Oxylitre use ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology on the Entonox carry bags used by NHS ambulances.

ÆGIS Microbe Shield UK receives and treats these carry bags at its factory in Croydon, London and has been doing so for 4 years now.

For more information about Oxylitre see - http://www.oxylitre.co.uk/

UK Specialist Ambulance Service

UK Specialist Ambulance Service are experts in the provision of specialist ambulance transport. They offer the widest range of specialist vehicles for urgent and non-urgent transport journeys within the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. UK Specialist is recognised as being one of the largest private ambulance services in operation today providing both a cost-effective and quality service.

Operating from headquarters in Central London they have in addition, offices in Essex, Kent and Wales and carry in excess of 250,000 contracted patient journeys per year for the National Health Service. Services are also extensively used by Private Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Event Organisers and Private Individuals.

Control Centres are operational 24 hours, 365 days per year. With highly efficient team rosters they are able to respond to our purchasers' requests at all times and can resource and mobilise vehicles and crews usually in under an hour.

On-going staff training is regularly undertaken by UK Specialist 's fully qualified in-house instructors to develop our ambulance crew staff to technician status. They offer training packages from First Aid at Work courses to Qualified Technician, to NHS Trusts and other organisations. Our management infrastructure reflects many years of experience within the NHS arena. The team has a combined service delivery in excess of 80 years within NHS Trusts and other Healthcare Organisations.

UK Specialist 's Managing Director Mike Byrne is quoted as saying "we consider our duty of care to both patients and staff as extremely important and accordingly we are embarking on a programme to treat the entire fleet of vehicles with ÆGIS Microbe Shield. In addition we are also going to be treating stretchers, ancillary equipment and staff uniforms".

Marketing Director Jerri Smith commented...

"If I ever need the services of a private ambulance company I hope its UK SAS that turns up!

Postscript: And in actual fact when I did need an ambulance for a friend the one that attended was a UKSAS ambulance that had been treated with ÆGIS!

Joking aside Jerri commented that this clearly is a company that put the safety and well-being of their patients and staff at the top of the agenda and having worked with them to develop the programme I am impressed at how efficiently they are implementing the roll out".

For more information about UK Specialist's see - www.uksas.org

The Doctors Laboratory

The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) is a medically-led laboratory that was established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. They provide customers with the laboratory information required for diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders.

TDL's CPA accredited laboratory is in central London, providing pathology services for clinical practice throughout the UK, Eire and other international markets.

The ÆGIS Microbe Shield is being introduced to help provide one of the cleanest and safest environments available.

For more information about The Doctors Laboratory see - www.tdlpathology.com

LiDCO Group Plc

LiDCO Group Plc is based in London. The Sales & Marketing centre has been established in Cambridge since August 2001. The Group was founded in 1991 by Dr Terry O'Brien, Dr David Band, Dr Robert Linton and Dr Jiri Kratochvil in collaboration with the United Dental and Medical Schools of St Thomas' and Guys Hospitals (now King's College, London).

Since that time, the Group has developed inventions within the cardiovascular monitoring field resulting from research in the Applied Physiology Laboratory based on the St Thomas' Hospital campus.

LiDCO have now treated heart monitoring equipment with ÆGIS Microbe Shield for use in trials at St Thomas' Hospital, London.

In addition treatment with ÆGIS Microbe Shield has also been undertaken in the laboratory clean room environment.

Marketing Director Jerri Smith said...

"We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with such a professional and well managed organisation and look forward to seeing their early trial results".

For more information about LiDCO see - www.lidco.co.uk

JLA Limited

JLA is a leading distributor of commercial laundry equipment and provides:

Total Laundry Solutions For All Markets
Installation Of The Finest Equipment
Full Laundry Planning And Design
Service On Time - Guaranteed

Dick Cardis - Marketing Director observed the use of ÆGIS Microbe Shield in Air Filters in the USA.

Jerri Smith, Marketing Director explained this is a great use of the technology. We have internationally respected technical experts and scientists to assist with intensive research, testing and development.