ÆGIS Microbe Shield Videos

Here we present a range of videos that users participating in The Program have produced.

This is a general introduction to the ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology.

See how Bombardier have incorporated ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology into their world.

Here we see the ATP test results from a car that has not been treated and a car that has been treated with ÆGIS Microbe Shield.

See the treatment of an aircraft interior with ÆGIS Microbe Shield.

This video demonstrates how to treat the interior of a car with ÆGIS Microbe Shield.

Using a push cart cleaning unit, the unique cleaner is applied to all surfaces in a school hallway. Anti-microbial treatment is perfect for a school environment, where there are numerous opportunities to share germs.

ÆGIS Microbe Shield provides an added layer of protection against harmful microbes.