ÆGIS Microbe Shield Documentation


Applicator Manual (77 pages)

This manual is a supplement to the field training provided as part of the Program. Its purpose is to provide you with the basic information and reference materials necessary to use the Program effectively. To do so, you need to understand a little bit about the nature of microbial contamination, you need to understand what the ÆGIS Microbe Shield Aftercare Program is (and is not), and you need to understand when it should be used. Finally, you also need to understand the capabilities and limitations of the antimicrobial (ÆGIS Antimicrobial) which is the keystone of the Program.

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Health & Safety Data Sheet

This Material Safety Data Sheet has been prepared to provide information on the typical application strength Material which is used in the treatment of goods and surfaces. ÆGIS Antimicrobial is only sold as a concentrate in methanol and not as a dilute solution. For application, ÆGIS Antimicrobial is diluted with water. The hydrolyzed material in the dilute solution then covalently or ionically bonds with the target surface and covalently bonds with itself to form a durable copolymer. Any CAS Numbers shown below are for the “as supplied” form of the antimicrobial. No CAS Numbers have been assigned for the intermediate hydrolyzed form or the resulting copolymer, neither of which are articles of commerce.

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Analytical Detection Test

ÆGIS Antimicrobial can best be detected by staining with the water durable reagent, bromophenol blue (BPB).

This technique is very easy to use in the field by direct spray or padding of the BPB solution onto the treated surface.

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