ÆGIS Microbe Shield for Touch Screens, Keyboards & Mice

Touch screens and keyboards treated with ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology can protect users from bacteria and other microbial contaminants.

Protect users from dangerous bacteria like E coli and MRSA with ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology. In installations where bacteria transmission is a concern you can apply our coating, the ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology, to keep touch screens and keyboards free from bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.

Our antibacterial coating is highly suitable for use in hospitals, public areas, high traffic installations, government self services and retail displays. In use since the mid-1970s, the ÆGIS Microbe Shield is a safe and effective antimicrobial technology that combats contamination on frequently touched surfaces such as kiosk keyboards and touch screens. The antibacterial coating is a permanent protective shield that can kill up to 99% of all microbes.

Where are Microbes?

  • on our skin and bodies
  • in the air
  • on items we touch everyday

What are Microbes?

  • bacteria
  • algae
  • fungi (mold/mildew)

What are antimicrobials?

Antimicrobials control, destroy or suppress the growth of microbes, eliminating or limiting the negative effects of contamination, staining and deterioration.

Permanently bonded to the touch screen surface, the resistive membrane of the antibacterial coating does not affect display clarity on the touch screen. The antibacterial coating is also safe for the user and the environment. The coating does not leach in the environment, migrate to a user’s hands or wear off when the screen is cleaned. Unlike other products, the technology of this coating does not allow microbes to adapt or create resistant organisms.

How does ÆGIS Microbe Shield Work?

The ÆGIS Microbe Shield works by physically rupturing the microbe. The compound used in the coating consists of a long molecular chain that looks like a sword which, at its base, has a permanent bonding property. The permanently bonded “sword” sticks up from the surface where it has been applied, ready to puncture the microbe. When the microbe comes into contact with the sword, the microbe is punctured. Then the sword’s base, which includes a nitrogen molecule, draws the microorganism to it and electrocutes the cell. The microbe is destroyed on the sword. In the process, the coating is not consumed or dissipated so the antimicrobial is not depleted.

Attributes of the ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology

  • Bonds directly and permanently to the surface on which it applied.
  • Remains in place and active even after multiple washings.
  • Can be applied to almost any surface material.
  • Does not migrate from the surface.
  • Does not transfer onto the skin.
  • Does not leach harmful toxins into the environment.
  • Is not poisonous.
  • Does not dissipate over time.
  • Physically controls the microbe on contact.
  • Does not create an environment for adaptive organisms and "super bugs."