ÆGIS can be permanently bonded to virtually any surface

Since its registration with the EPA in 1976, the use of the AEGIS technology has allowed a wide variety of products to have microbial protection. Everything from ceiling tiles to socks, from carpeting to aircraft is protected by ÆGIS. Even high performance applications, such as surgical drapes and instruments, where safety and performance are obvious criteria, can be successfully protected by ÆGIS.

Where can ÆGIS applied?

Hospitals & Laboratories Schools & Day Care Facilities Medical Scrubs & Non-Wovens
Toilets & Bathrooms Children's toys & Baby Nappies Pillows & Mattesses
Colleges & Universities Clothing/Socks/Shoes Bedding and Linen
Restaurants & Kitchens Textiles/Carpets & Astro-Turf Flood Remediation
Sports Facilities & Gymnasiums Cleaning Cloths & Pads Lift Buttons & Escalators
Vehicles/Ambulances/Buses/Aircraft Touch Screens & Keyboards Vetinary Facilities
Home & Commercial/Machinery Building Materials Food Productions Facilities
ATMs & Keypads Police Cars & Prison Vans Medical Face Masks
HVAC Systems Ambulances Electronic Equipment
Medical Equipment Armed Forces Reception Areas

These are just a few of the places you will find ÆGIS being used.

As ÆGIS can bond to practically any surface. The surface itself is modified to make it antimicrobially active.