ÆGIS Microbe Shield for Hypoallergenic Environments

Being allergic to moulds and other common micro-allergens is a respiratory handicap. Simple exposure to outdoor or indoor allergens can cause upper and lower respiratory complications. Upper respiratory problems include allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the nose, with sneezing, congestion and drainage) and sinusitis (inflammation and congestion of the sinus cavities). This congestion often leads to sinus and middle ear infections. Lower respiratory problems include bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia. Furthermore, asthma is the number one fastest growing disease condition in children.

Respiratory problems cause general discomfort, insomnia, headaches and fatigue. For some asthmatics, the consequences are life threatening. Fortunately, modern medicine has made tremendous progress in controlling allergic reactions to moulds and, as a result, there are improved antihistamines, advanced inhalers and improved immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Most of us spend over 70% of our time in our homes, so reducing your exposure to these allergens inside the home is essential for improved health. But making your home hypoallergenic is not so easy. Indoor airborne mould spores and bacteria have complex sources and have been extremely difficult to reduce.

The ÆGIS Microbe Shield is the keystone tool for biological contami­nation. It solves problems and it prevents problems.

It controls the sources of microbial contamination for extended periods and has been doing it safely and cost-effectively for more than 30 years.

The choice is yours. You can ignore the complaints. You can live with them and hope nothing serious happens. You can use ever increasing amounts of conventional (and often highly toxic) disinfectants, sanitisers and biocides. You can continue to use expensive medications. Or, you can solve your problems.

The ÆGIS Microbe Shield can be applied permanently, safely and cost effectively to virtually all indoor surfaces. Protection lasts at least 3 years and, in many applications, for the life of the treated surface.